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Here they are.
    You have entered Aphrodite zone. Ah-woo. Anyways, we will like to welcome you aboard fellow Mabinogian: We are pleased to have you here. :3 If you're wondering what kind of people we are, friendly is the icing of the cake that we call "Aphrodite". A little background for you guys that love history... :D Aphrodite was the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation... We're on the love side only. Our love is that of family and friendship. ^^

    Like most family-based guilds, we expect such respect that is shown towards people, so please don't see people as "inferior" because in all reality, the inferior are those that don't respect the space people take up in the world and wish misery to be the ultimate weapon. If you are one of those types, I suggest you to turn around and look for another guild because WE WILL NOT TOLERATE DRAMA. So if you're among the few that don't cause drama, we do ask for your cooperation with some rules and policies that will promote everyone's experience ​in this guild:

  1. NO DRAMA!!!!! -Yes, we still ask for this-
  2. No begging. Any person who decides to whine or beg for something will be dealt with accordingly.
  3. No Scamming. Scammers cause drama and bring a bad reputation amongst the guild; therefore, you will get the boot.
  4. Equal Helping Right (EHR) -If someone helps you in the guild, this guarantees that you will help whenever you're needed.
  5. Cyber-bullying: If you bully or put down a guild member, you will be dealt with accordingly.*
  6. Respect each other's: Religious views, Political views, Sexual Orientation, Nationality, etc. Not one person is less than anyone in this guild.

---Three-strikes you're out policy on rule infractions. The penalties are as follow:--- 
  • Strike one is a warning; 
  • Strike two is a 1 month probation on every guild event; 
  • Strike three is your dismissal from the guild**
  1. Donate your GP to the Guild Stone Weekly
  2. Participate in runs, it won't kill. :3
  3. Suggest ideas for events on this website.
  4. Introduce yourself on this website, it won't hurt. :3
  5. Be active. (I understand that we all have business to take care of in real life; so if you're going to be absent for more than 2 weeks, post on these forums under the corresponding category)

*Automatic dismissal from the guild.
**The penalties reset after a month.

If you have questions about anything, feel free to ask. We hope to see you partying along with us. :D
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